What Others Say

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Shiona Long’s work. We have used her for both 1:1 personal coaching work and for group work in helping staff to develop their leadership qualities. Shiona delivered great results for people in both the 1:1 and group work. Her facilitation skills are wonderful and she has a great ability to build rapport and trust quickly.

Shiona has a great gift in assisting people to find their purpose and to help them to see the world in a different way. The work Shiona does brings value to both the individual at the centre and from a business perspective, all who come into contact with that person.

Karen McCraw, CEO and Founder: Karden Disability Support Foundation


Shiona’s Webinars are a joy to listen to and participate in. She is both warm and professional, and offers a wealth of information and tools which enable the participants to delve deeply into key issues that shape the way they live and view life. As a spiritual coach myself, I find the tools Shiona employs as a True Purpose TM Coach extremely valuable and effective, while, on a personal level, I find endeavoring on the process she proposes powerful and enriching.

I have no doubt that Shiona has found her path in helping individuals learn how to discover their true purpose and live it and believe that anyone looking to find their own purpose with the aid of Shiona’s guidance will not be sorry. Thank you, Shiona and great blessings upon your path!

Evening Lategano, Holistic Yoga Therapist and Program Director at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat, Hvar Island, Croatia www.suncokretdream.net


If you’re lucky, you come across someone that has a truly profound effect on your life. This person for me was Shiona.

I was at a turning point in my life and wasn’t sure how or if I was going to move forward. Thanks to her guidance I was able to connect to what’s really important to me stronger than ever before, discover my True Purpose in life and find my way. Shiona was able to support me completely as we worked together which meant that I never felt alone and for that I will be eternally grateful. Throughout my time with her, she was dedicated to my success and invested in my progress.

Because of her coaching I am truly flying higher than I ever thought possible. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

Jo Baker Coach, Speaker and Trainer Believe Lifestyle Centre

Shiona is awesome. To have met this brilliant person who can pinpoint any in- authenticity in your life and totally blow it away is just great. You leave her presence feeling lighter and freer, knowing who you are.



Jules White – Mother of three, Women’s Circle Leader & Teacher


In just one session with Shiona I was able to release an old pattern of fear that was holding me back in my career. The result for me was a profound feeling of peace and a deeply felt experience of my own power. Shiona guides but does not intrude, she is deeply present and intuitively knew exactly what I needed each step of the way. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to fulfill their potential and live life to the fullest.

Anne Marie Clear – Coach and Trainer, California, USA


When I reflect on my life so far I am able to see a “not-so-helpful” recurring pattern. On one hand I’ve always sought opportunities that pushed me beyond my natural comfort zone in my desire to pursue success & be the best that I could be. On the other hand I have also always harbored self doubts about my ability to manage & been quick to pull back when things became too challenging or complicated.

With hindsight I can see that I was actually undermining my own success & gathering evidence that my secret beliefs were correct, that I wasn’t good enough to be all that I wanted to be as a professional, as a mum & as a person. I was validating my self doubts & began to believe that I was being unrealistic wanting a great job & a happy family, that I should learn to settle for less – a simpler way of life. But where did my life’s purpose fit in with that decision?

Then I started life coaching with Authentic Success. Shiona helped me to see that I had the power to change how I saw myself & that my self-limiting beliefs were generating the results I thought I deserved rather than what I was really capable of achieving. While I thought they were protecting me from failure & disappointment, they were actually becoming my ball & chain.

With Shiona’s help I came to recognize my personal strength & believe in my self worth. I now have a job that I love as well as having an improved family life. By embracing my own strengths I have been able to help my children to do the same & they are growing in self-confidence also.

I truly feel that I am living my life the way I am meant to be & am looking forward to a fulfilling future. I would happily recommend the Authentic Success program to anyone looking to break free from the past & get more out of life.

Fiona Reeves – Oncology Nurse and Mother of 3


I started my true purpose work with Shiona to make sure that where I was heading was in line with my purpose for being on the planet. I had started life coaching in 2009 and loved the insight and self-knowledge it brought. It was also totally fantastic to work with people who were ready to make positive change in their lives. I loved working with individual clients and was excited about running my own business.
My day job was as a senior manager in the public sector paid very well and brought me (and my family) security, but seemed a million miles away from who I was when I was being a life coach. I was intending to leave the public sector and set up my own business as a life coach, and was in the process of planning the transition towards this new phase of my career.

The journey I took was at my own pace and Shiona safely guided me all the way. The process pulled together seemingly disparate experiences and things I knew about myself, and helped me form a more holistic sense of who I truly am – my essence. Getting in touch with my inner knowing took me to a place of calm and playfulness. I rediscovered my spiritual beliefs and in a sense came home to myself. I learned how to get in touch with my inner knowing easily so that I can regularly check in to make sure I am living my life purposefully. I came to see that all the experiences I have had up to now have in fact been a part of my life’s purpose. Nothing had been a waste of time.

As a result of following the true purpose process I saw all the paths open to me, and felt liberated by the knowledge that any one of them would take me on a journey that was purposeful. I decided to remain in the agency where I was employed, knowing that I could live my life’s purpose, positively impacting on many more people, all of whom spend a large portion of their lives at work.

Once I chose this path, I was promoted to an executive leadership role and I am now in charge of creating a workplace where I can assist lots of people to connect with their own inner truth to become whole, at the same time as keeping the organization true to its vision and purpose. Every day I go to work knowing that I am living according to the purpose for which I was put on this planet. I feel now, that I have stepped into being who I truly am. How great is that!

Thank you Shiona.

Claire Witham | State Manager


I recently completed Shiona’s True Purpose TM Coaching program, and would definitely urge anyone who is on a search for meaning in their lives to do the same. It has been the most profound journey of self-discovery and development, and the value I got out of it far outweighs the cost a zillion times over. You simply cannot put a price on something this wonderful, awe-inspiring and motivating.

Shiona not only helped me get the clarity I was looking for, but helped me to really drill down and get very detailed and exact about my true niche. The thrilling thing about this is that now instead of competing with many other businesses that are also offering healing services to the general public, my target market is now that specific that I almost have that market sector to myself! That alone has had such a huge impact on my business!

I now have an incredibly detailed plan for getting my business from the conceptual stage to getting it off the ground and up and running with paying clients. I have been able to discard or change a lot of negative beliefs that were holding me back from stepping out, getting myself out there and attracting wealth into my life!

I have been grateful for Shiona’s unwavering support and encouragement well after the program had finished, and her incredible marketing knowledge that she so selflessly passed on to me. It has been the most amazing profound journey of self-discovery and awareness that I have ever experienced! I now have a way of negotiating all those competing voices in my head. That in itself is priceless.

Shiona was the mother bird pushing me out of the nest, the wind beneath my wings, the hurricane propelling me forwards, and the light illuminating my way, all rolled into one. I simply cannot thank her enough!

Jenny Molan, Coach and Healer


I started coaching with Shiona when I felt I had lost my connection to myself, even though I was achieving goals and doing things I enjoyed. I didn’t feel present, and I felt like I wasn’t enough in any area of my life, despite my hard work and worry. I also wanted to have a strong direction for my future and to know that it was true to my soul – without losing anyone or anything I already had.

I had an amazing journey with Shiona, with her dedication and insights, even after only 6 sessions I have been able to gain what I was looking for. Being happy with my path and with myself is an incredible gift to enjoy.

Leah J

I felt really taken care of. Shiona’s listening is deep – I felt that she heard what my soul was longing to express. Thank you for your wisdom and genuine caring.

Linda Kiernan – Coach: Calgary, Canada

I had hated myself and doubted myself for so long. Shiona delved into the core of me and brought out all the things that made me feel bad about myself and turned them into something positive. She made me realize that my two feet were already firmly planted on the ground; I just had to see it for myself. I do matter in the world; I do make a difference; I do have a purpose and I really love being me.

So if you are feeling inadequate in your life and want to change, then I urge you so call Shiona Long and start believing.

Jean – Administrator: Not For Profit Organization