The Eagle and the Chicken

In a farmyard there lived an eagle. A beautiful eagle. She had never seen herself in fact she believed that she looked just like all the other chickens. She did what all the other chickens did – scratched in the dirt, ate chicken food and clucked like a chicken.

How did this eagle come to believe that she was a chicken? The farmer who owned the farm had found an egg while out in the paddock one day. Placed in with the other eggs in the hen house until it hatched.  This was all she had ever known. She had never even looked to the sky to imagine the world that was waiting for her.

One day when doing what she did ever day. She had a thought. Is this all there is. Am I destined to live out my days walking round in circles scratching in the dirt with only these other chickens for company.   She felt a restlessness in her wings that she never felt before. A calling deep within her to do something different…but what?

She went to the other chickens and asked….Why is it that we spend all our days doing the same old thing. Why is that we don’t spread our wings and go out and see the world?

They just laughed at her…why would be want to do such as thing. The world is a scary place – there are foxes out there, where would we get food? Far better to stay here where we are safe.    Give up these thoughts and be happy –for life is good. With that they returned to scratching in the dirt.

So the eagle went back to doing what chicken’s do. The restlessness did not go away – in fact it go worse. In secret when the other chickens were having their afternoon siestas, the little eagle in secret would spend hours looking at the sky, wondering how it would feel to be up there going wherever the wind took her. She felt a sadness, a longing that she had never felt before. If only…she said.

One day as she was gazing at the sky, she saw a beautiful bird flying in the sky – wings out stretched. The little eagle was entranced. She had never seen anything so magnificent before.  How she would love to be that bird.

The bird in the sky was a wedge tailed eagle and as it happened she noticed our little eagle gazing skyward and flew down for a closer look. All the chicken scattered in fear into the hen house – for they had not noticed the resemblance to the eagle sister – for they had accepted her as one of their own – blind to all that she longed to be, despite her odd aspirations!

The wedge tailed eagle landed in front of the little eagle and said to her…why do live in the dirt when you were born to soar through the sky. Why do you accept only what is given to you when you are destined for so much more? Why do you not see who you really are?

The little eagle was confused. For I am a chicken she said. This is the life I have to accept. No said the wedge tailed eagle …it is time to see…She led the little eagle to the pond in the farm yard and together they gazed deep within its depths…see we are the same, you and me. You were born to spread your wings and fly.

In her heart the little eagle knew it was so. It was time to begin to know who she truly was. I will show you how…said her new friend and with that they both spread their wings and launched into the sky…to the big blue unknown…off to discover all there was to know.

Are you tired of feeling like the eagle in the chicken coop?

It is time for you to spread your wings and fly…

Visit and begin today.

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