Group True Purpose™ Program 2012

Are you longing for more joy and purpose in your work?

It can be really hard to go to work, bouncing with energy when you don’t love your job. Work begins to affect your health, your enthusiasm for life and your relationships with your partner, family and friends.

Deep down your know your heart is longing  for meaning. You may want to make a difference and express who you are through your work. Regardless of how busy you are, in those rare quiet moments you feel like something is missing.

It can be lonely to feel this way. Wanting so much more, unsure of what that something more is and scared you may never find out.

You may have tried many things to bring more purpose and zing to your day! Read books or taken workshops that include a section on finding your purpose. You may have taken classes in meditation or yoga, to bring more spirituality to your day. All of these are helpful, yet may still leave your questioning.

Exercise,  hobbies or spending more time with family and friends can really lift the spirits, at least for a while.   Perhaps you have contemplated changing jobs. When there are bills to pay, this may seem like a daunting proposition.

Unfortunately these solutions go only part way to solving the problem. Exercise, or taking up hobbies or other short term improvements are useful. Often they help for a while and then the old feelings of frustration and emptiness return.

The majority of purpose programs explore what you ‘think’ your purpose might be. You may look at your experiences, your interests and use your imagination. Tapping into your mind to create the connections and put the puzzle together.

Others focus on broad spiritual aspirations, for example to bring more love to world, ignoring your unique skills, experiences and interests.  These are part of who you today. You need the balance of your intellect and your heart.

There is another way.

You need to go deeply into your heart to discover what you really want and how you can best contribute to the world. Deep down you already know your purpose. It has been with you forever,  just waiting to be uncovered.

Knowing this means you approach all your activities more purposefully. Even your current job. By being aware of your inherent gifts you make a difference in everything you do. You then tap into the power of your mind and the wisdom of your heart to consciously bring your purpose into the world.

Your transformational journey to find your purpose requires 5 things…

1. Space to express your fears and a plan that honours your needs in the real world.

When you begin something new, or create change in your life it is really normal to have fears.  Learning your purpose can bring up many concerns. For example…what if I need to change jobs, what if I am no good at it or what if other laugh at me when I share it.

Unless we address this natural fears, they will hinder your capacity to receive information about your purpose. Rather than trying to ignore them, or push through them, we acknowledge them. We then create a plan that allows your purpose to be revealed to you, step by step.

This is the hallmark of this program and one that sets it apart from other purpose finding programs.

2. A two-way relationship with your divine nature.

This program is for people who believe they have a calling. A reason they are here on earth. We discover this when you  tap deeply into your heart, into your soul and uncover the information. Part of you already knows your purpose, you just need to learn how to hear it.  We call this connecting with your trusted source.

This is more than a technique, it is a relationship. You ask for guidance and receive support. Not always in the way you expect, but always in a way that helps your grow and bringing you closer to the divine. This is far more than a program to find your purpose. You are learning to have a relationship with your divine nature. This is a gift that everyone deserves to give themselves.

3. The right questions to bring clarity.

What is my Purpose? This is a really broad question. No wonder people have trouble answering it! Knowing the right questions to ask is critical.

In this program you will experience your essence – the unique quality or energy that you bring to the world. You will also learn your blessing – the transformation process you do with others. You will discover the people you can best serve, the steps you are to take to bring about this transformation and how people feel when you have given your gift. Your blessing is also tailor made for you! So understanding your own blessing can bring about incredible personal healing.

You may also learn the mission and the message your are to share in the world. Sometimes this takes a little more time. Rest assured you will have all you need to discover this when the time is right for you.

4. A plan to take your purpose out into the world.

This is not only about finding your purpose. It is about living it. The world needs the unique gift that you bring. Towards the end of the program we will create a plan that moves your purpose from theory to practice. All in a way that feels challenging and  heart connected without being too overwhelming.

5. Support and compassionate accountability.

The True Purpose™ Process is beautiful and life changing. It can also be challenging. This is what makes it such a transformational journey.  Support is so important. You will be given the space to experience, to grow and to feel however you need to feel. At the same time you will supported to put the pieces of your unique purpose together.

Compassionate Accountability is important. This course moves quickly and I want you to receive the value I long to give you. For that reason, you will be encouraged to do the weekly tasks. Not from a space of pushing but from a space of allowing it all to unfold.

If you’re lucky, you come across someone that has a truly profound effect on your life. This person for me was Shiona.

I was at a turning point in my life and wasn’t sure how or if I was going to move forward. Thanks to her guidance I was able to connect to what’s really important to me stronger than ever before, discover my True Purpose in life and find my way. Shiona was able to support me completely as we worked together which meant that I never felt alone and for that I will be eternally grateful. Throughout my time with her, she was dedicated to my success and invested in my progress.

Because of her coaching I am truly flying higher than I ever thought possible. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

Jo Baker Coach, Speaker and Trainer Believe Lifestyle Centre

Shiona Long – Certified True Purpose ™ Coach

In April 2011 Shiona Long became one of one 2 Certified True Purpose™ Coaches in Australia after 2 years of training with The True Purpose™ Institute foundered by Tim Kelley in the United States. Her business Authentic Success…Careers with Heart, Lives with Purpose specialises in supporting women who want to give from their heart to find purpose in their work once more.

An intuitive and compassionate coach Shiona has the knack of being about to see deep beneath the surface, tying what seems like disparate strands together to support you to know with great clarity the beauty that is your purpose. Shiona has supported over 100 women to find great purpose and joy in life. For more information about Shiona.

Mother Nature never repeats herself and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

This powerful program to discover the unique difference that you are here to make is available to six people only in this small group coaching format which begins on Thursday 15th March 2012. Groups are kept small to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

How you can join this program – The application process

If you know in your heart that this program if for you, then I would love to help you take the next step.

Send me a message via this link. Contact Shiona and we will set up a time for a 30 minute chat so that we can get to know each other and the program a little better.

If you are curious that is fine too. Let’s set up a session and we can explore this together.

The Program Outline – Session by Session

What we will cover in the 12 session program

Session 1 – Engagement. Time to get familiar and excited about the adventure you are about to undertake. We will create the framework for the work to unfold and get to know one another better.

Session 2 – Purpose Hunting. We play detective as we look at your memories and tap into your imagination to explore your purpose. This is as far as many purpose programs go. We will go much, much deeper.

Session 3 – Exploring your Fears about finding and living your purpose. This creates a clear path to receive guidance from your trusted source. This powerful process can be used to create safety and a framework for any goal.  Purpose is just the beginning.

Session 4 – Your Trusted Source. Simply put, a trusted source is something either within you, or outside of you that knows your purpose and can tell it to you. We will explore what this is for you within your belief system.

Session 5 – Guided Meditation and Prayer: Two ways to find your purpose and connect with your trusted source. You will learn the questions to ask as well.

Session 6 – Active Imagination and Dreaming. Two additional ways to find your purpose. You only need one method to work for you. In this program you will learn at least 4. We will also establish how to trust the validity of the information you receive.

Session 7 – Using Active Imagination to explore your fears. This is a powerful bonus part of the program. Active imagination is a journalling technique developed by Carl Jung. It can be used to converse with those arguing voices in your head. eg. The critic, the skeptic and that part that never wants you to try something new. Many people love this component as much as they love finding their purpose.

Session 8 – Making Sense of the Information. What do you do when you start receiving lots of information? In this session I will teach you how to sort the information so you can use it to make decisions, create statements about your purpose and set goals.

Session 9 – Creating Purpose Statements. A purpose statement sums up the information you have received. In this program you create an essence, blessing and possibly a mission and message statement to give you a complete picture of your purpose.

Session 10 – Validating Your Purpose Statement. Does your purpose statement move you? Does it encapsulate your purpose? We explore these questions and more.

Session 11 – Powerful Post Purpose Practices. It is time to create a plan to help you implement your purpose.

Session 12 – Putting it all together – what happens now? This is the most important part…taking your purpose out in the world as we tip the box! Find out what this means and why if you don’t do it, it can feel worse than not finding your purpose at all. Support will be given as you move away from the structured part of this program.

I started my true purpose work with Shiona to make sure that where I was heading was in line with my purpose for being on the planet.

I was intending to leave the public sector and set up my own business as a life coach, and was in the process of planning the transition towards this new phase of my career. My day job was as a senior manager in the public sector paid very well and brought me (and my family) security, but seemed a million miles away from who I was when I was being a life coach

The process pulled together seemingly disparate experiences and things I knew about myself, and helped me form a more holistic sense of who I truly am – my essence. Getting in touch with my inner knowing took me to a place of calm and playfulness. I rediscovered my spiritual beliefs and in a sense came home to myself. I learned how to get in touch with my inner knowing easily so that I can regularly check in to make sure I am living my life purposefully. I came to see that all the experiences I have had up to now have in fact been a part of my life’s purpose. Nothing had been a waste of time.

As a result of following the true purpose process I saw all the paths open to me, and felt liberated by the knowledge that any one of them would take me on a journey that was purposeful. I decided to remain in the agency where I was employed, knowing that I could live my life’s purpose, positively impacting on many more people, all of whom spend a large portion of their lives at work.

Once I chose this path, I was promoted to an executive leadership role and I am now in charge of creating a workplace where I can assist lots of people to connect with their own inner truth to become whole, at the same time as keeping the organization true to its vision and purpose. Every day I go to work knowing that I am living according to the purpose for which I was put on this planet. I feel now, that I have stepped into being who I truly am. How great is that! Thank you Shiona.

Claire Witham | State Manager


Those all important logistics…when, how and your investment.

Here is how we will be meeting

There will be 12 X 90 minute small group coaching calls beginning on

  • Thursday 15th March 12 – 1.30 pm Melbourne time
  • Wednesday 14th March 6 – 7.30 pm PST time. (Los Angeles)

Discovering your purpose evolves over time. Calls have been spaced to help you learn the material, do the exercises and gain support with your buddy and from me in between sessions.

This program is more than finding your purpose. It helps you connect deeply with yourself, with the divine and with the work that you have been put on the earth to do. It takes time.

In addition to the 12 Group Coaching Calls you will receive

  • 2 x 30 minute one on one clarity calls with me.

The first is held between classes 8 and 9 to help you with any challenges that you are facing and to support you to go deeper into the material. The second is held at the conclusion of the program to create a plan to integrate your purpose into your life.

Your buddy.

Your buddy is an important part of your support system.  Each week you will be encouraged to meet with your buddy and help each other with the exercises. We will decide on buddy partnerships in our first session together.

Class Schedule.

Group Coaching Calls will be help Thursday 12 – 1.30 pm (AEST) on the following days.  To convert for your time zone click this link.

All calls with be approximately 90 minutes with the exclusion of the calls on 29th March and 19th April which will be 2 hours.

  • March 15, 22nd and 29th.
  • April 19th, 26th
  • May 3rd, 17th, 24th
  • June 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Calls will be held via free conference call.

Your investment in the standard program includes the following

  • 10 X 90 minute and 2 x 2 hour Small Group Coaching sessions
  • 2 X 30 minute Individual Clarity Sessions
  • Tim Kelley True Purpose™ Book and Meditation CD
  • Your buddy: for support along the way.
  • Recordings of all classes.
  • A google site to post all of your homework and receive feedback from me.

This program is available to six people only.

Your investment is $1200 including GST (3 Month instalment plan available)

Premium Program – Individual coaching support

In addition to the 2 30 minute clarity calls you have the option of working with me in a two hour session to explore your deepest fears about finding and living your purpose. Normally in the group program this work is done with your buddy, which works really well. You may prefer to go a little deeper, which is why this premium program has been created.

Your investment in the premium program includes the following additional support.

  • 1 x 2 hour Individual session to explore your fears about finding and living your purpose.

Your investment is $1500 including GST (3 Month instalment plan available)

Special Bonus for both programs:

1 month membership of the Graduate Program Level 2

The time immediately after finding your purpose can be a challenging time as you have to take some action to integrate it into your life. This is why we are providing you with 1 month of support.

This includes a 90 minute Q&A call plus a 30 minute clarity session . This bonus is valued at $100.

Early Bird Bonus

Do you know this program is for you and ready to apply now?

We have an early bird bonus available until Friday 2nd March 5 pm AEST.

  • Standard Program: $1050 (Or 3 payments of $350)
  • Premium Program $1350 (Or 3 payments of $450)

Program Guarantee

This program guarantees that you will receive a connection with your trusted source and written purpose statements. If this does not occur (which happens in a small handful of cases) I will work with you to create a plan to move forward.

If at the conclusion of this, you still do not feel that you have received value for your time I will refund you the full price of your participation. Provided that you have attended or listened to all classes and completed and submitted all the exercises to me or the google site.

Program Summary

Ready to take the next step?

You will notice there is no buy button on this webpage. I want to make sure this program and the timing is right for you.

If you are interested please click the Contact Shiona link and we will arrange a no obligation 30 minute chat to get to know each other and the program a little better.

Those questions that you may have…

What happens if I don’t get connected to a trusted source.

Interesting, this is a very common fear and one we address in Class 3. In this program there are four methods to help create safety around fears just like this.  If on the rare occasion you don’t get a connection, we will still be able to create some purpose statements and a plan to help you live more purposefully.

How do I know if the group program is for me?

I will admit that the group program isn’t for everybody. The best way to know,  is to check in with your own heart. How do you feel about it? Like anything, the group program has advantages and disadvantages. Although it may lack the flexibility and at times the depth that working with me one on one can bring.

It has great benefits of being a cost effective way to do this powerful work.  You also can learn so much from the experiences of other members of the group. Remember we keep the groups nice and small with only six members.

I want to do this program, I am unsure if I have the time? What happens if I fall behind?

This is an important question because it does take time. You will need to allow about 1.5 – 2 hours for the calls, time to work with your buddy each week (around 1 hour, maybe a little more) and time to do your homework. Seeing this program as a course can really help.  As does looking at your schedule and creating space for this work. It may mean cutting back on some other things for a while.

It is really normal for people to be at different places in the course, even though we are working through the lessons together. You will be given support where ever you are and the skills and techniques to implement the next step when you are ready for it.

What happens if I can’t make a call?

All the classes are recorded. It is always best to be there live as this is a small group coaching program. Sometimes things happen, and I understand this. If you have advanced notice we can change the time of  a class as long as everyone is in agreement.

I would love to do this program, but the dates and times don’t suit.

The program dates for this series have been set. If you are interested and the time or dates doesn’t suit, please let me know what times would suit you and I will take this into account when planning future programs.

When is the one on one support time? How do the breaks work?

One on one support time is held during the weeks where we have no formal class.

There is a two week break between classes three and four. This is to allow time for the one on one calls for those in the Premium Program and additional catch up time for those in the Standard Program.

The first 30 minute one on one clarity call will be held in our one week break between calls 8 and 9. (approximately 28th May)

The second 30 minute one on one clarity call will be held at the conclusion of the group sessions. (approximately 4th June

This program is really calling to me yet the finances are are really stretched right now?

We have a no financial harm pledge in place and would much rather you delay your participation then place yourself in a really challenging position. The instalment plan may help. The other option is our scholarship program. Please Contact me at this link Contact Shiona for a scholarship application form.

This buddy program sounds intriguing but I am unsure about it. What happens if my buddy and I can’t work together?

We choose buddies in the first week. I also check in with my heart to guide this process and will encourage you to do the same.  I am here for support with any challenges you may be facing. We set up some guidelines before we begin so you can get the most out of this support structure.

Treating each other with gentleness is always a great start. I encourage you to remember that we often learn the most from people who challenge us. This is often a valuable  part of the learning process.

What if I need additional support?

If you need additional support you can book a one hour private session with me for $150. Support is also available via email when ever you need it.

Additional questions you may have?

If you have additional questions please ask. You can leave a message for me by clicking this link. Contact Shiona and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How you can join – application process

To join this program please send me a message via this link. Contact Shiona and we will set up a time for a 30 minute chat so that we can get to know each other and the program a little better. If you are curious and still have questions that is fine too. We can talk about those together.