Does returning to work fill you with dread?

Today marks the return to school for many children in Australia. Some are excited, some are nervous and others are dragging their feet counting the days until Easter!

Janie was in the last category – not a student, a teacher, returning to school after the summer break. Janie was a great teacher. The kids loved her and she was well respected by her peers. In fact she had held many leadership positions over the last few years, most of which she really enjoyed and found challenging.

This wasn’t the problem. The problem for Janie was that she was finding it harder and harder to motivate herself to get excited about the year ahead. The work she had brought home to do over the holidays had mostly gone untouched. Janie knew that she would have to hit the ground running and that thought of it was exhausting.

She had really enjoyed this break, loved spending times with the kids, her husband and taking some time for her. She hadn’t realised how tired she was until she stopped! In quiet moments she had entertained getting work in a dress shop, but knew that wouldn’t hold her interest for long! Still it was very, very appealing at least for a while. Then she could go back to creating change for the better in Australian Education System!

She has tried giving herself a good talking to! “You’ll be right when you get there, come on snap out of it, you have a job to do.” Why does that make her drag her feet even more?

Janie, is not alone. So many beautiful women who have so much to give, struggle to return inspired and ready for the huge workload that is waiting for them. You may be one of them.

Leaving your job, at least in the short term isn’t the answer – there are bills to pay and the last thing you need right now is stress. Pushing through will leave you depleted and taking a job with less responsibility may leave you feeling a little bored and uninspired.

So what is the answer?

1. Firstly take a moment to acknowledge these feelings. Bring some gentleness and compassion to the situation. Trying to push them away will just make you feel worst. Writing freely about how you feel can really help to get the clutter out of your head.

2. When you are feeling like this, is is common to feel like everything is too much. In reality there will be a couple of key things that are really worrying you. Identify these things. e.g. That proposal that is due in less than two weeks.

3. Sit quietly with these key items. Identify one some thing that you can do to change the situation. It may be as simple as scheduling some time this week, or you may need to have an honest conversation and ask for support. (We will talk more about this in future newsletters.)

Closing thoughts…

Make a commitment to make time for what is important to you in the year ahead. If your tank is empty, then you have nothing to give to anyone else. Spending time with friends, family, enjoying your hobbies can really lift your spirits. So can quiet time alone to connect with your heart. This is so nourishing.

Remember it is OK to ask for support. You give so much – it is important to receive as well.

If you would like some support please click on the link – Contact Shiona and request a complimentary 30 minute with Bring Your Heart to Your Career Session. It would be my pleasure to to assist you.


Shiona Long

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