The Energy Drainers Part 2: Do, Decide, Delegate and Dump…with a twist.

In our last edition we discussed 5 Common Energy Drainers.  

  1. Activities that you just don’t enjoy.
  2. Procrastination
  3. Relationship Challenges
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Unfulfilled Dreams

Today we will look at a simple model to bring more energy to your day.

Years ago when I was a teacher I attended a time management class. We learnt how to discern the importance and urgency of the items on our To-Do list. For each area there was a simple instruction starting with D!

  • DO IT  for those things that were Urgent and Important
  • DECIDE WHEN for things that were Important, but Not Urgent
  • DELEGATE for items that were Urgent, but Not Important
  • DUMP IT for items that were Not Urgent and Not Important.

As powerful as this concept is, I have not been able to maintain this system. Interestingly, the concept has stayed with me to this day.  I can hear your groaning from here “I haven’t time to implement a time management system. I feel exhausted at the thought of it!”

This got me wondering.  Could I adapt it so the following were possible…

  • Instead of feeling tired and overwhelmed, you could feel energised and inspired.
  • Instead of beating yourself up, you could find some compassion for yourself.
  • Instead of doubting,  you could trust yourself and your heart even more.
  • Instead of trying to do it all, you could just focus on one thing.
  • Instead of staying stuck, could could move forward with ease.

This article is the result of my wondering!

DO, DECIDE, DELEGATE and DUMP in a nutshell

  1. DO IT – Some things need action.  They are important and they need to happen right now. So quit arguing with yourself about the best way and do the thing. The longer your wait the more energy you will expend.
  2. DECIDE – Some things need time. Time for contemplation, creativity, problem solving or finding resources.  Decide when you will allocate time and give this project the attention it deserves.  Keep your appointment with yourself.
  3. DELEGATE – Do you need to do this or could someone else help you? Sometimes you need to delegate things to others, because they have the time and expertise. Sometimes you may need to ask for help, even if that means paying them for their service.
  4. DUMP IT – You don’t need this any more. Time to remove this from your day. Guilt free. Some transition  and communication with others may be required.

In my last blog article I encouraged you to write a list of the current energy drainers in your day under the five categories. It is certainly possible to go through everything on your list and highlight which of our 4 D’s would be the most appropriate course of action.

Remember I want you to…

  • feel energised and inspired
  • have compassion for yourself
  • trust yourself and your heart.
  • focus on one thing.
  • move forward with ease.

Let’s slow things down a little.

A Cautionary Tale…Just One Thing

You are a high achiever, you strive for excellence in everything you do. If you can’t do a job well, you would prefer not to do it at all. It could be so easy to ignore this article and go back to get back to work. ‘Managing’ as you have always done.

If you want more energy in your day, you need to take a step to make it happen. Just one thing. Not everything on your list…just one thing. One thing that will make the most difference.

Remember this… “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Let’s bring this to life…

  1. Look at your list of energy drainers, really look at it.
  2. Ask your heart to show you the number one energy drainer in your life at this time.  Trust that it will leap off the page at you!
  3. For a moment feel the effect that this is having on you. Feel it in your body, in your emotions, in your thoughts, in your interactions with others, in your joy for life. Really feel it…
  4. With your hand on your heart ask…Is this a  DO, DECIDE, DELEGATE or DUMP energy drainer?
  5. Listen to the answer you are given. Feel the ‘rightness’ of this answer in this moment. Trust it.
  6. Ask some more questions…How do to do this? When do I do this? Who could help me here? What is the very next thing I am to do? Take some notes.
  7. Take the inspired action that you have been given.

Wondering what inspired action is?

It is action that comes from your heart. No more should’s, have to’s or musts. Deep down you know what to do. Take this one inspired step and notice the difference it makes. Then if you feel inspired, go back and look at your list. One step at a time.

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Until next time,

Listen to the wisdom of your heart,


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