About Shiona

Shiona is a Certified Coach with The True Purpose TM Institute (USA), founded by Tim Kelley. She is proud to be the first Australian to be granted this honor. She holds a Diploma of Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute and is an Accredited Professional Coach with The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching (ANZIC).

Shiona started her career as a classroom music teacher. It soon became apparent that she could adapt to anything. Ten years later she closed the chapter on her teaching career with Music, Drama, Media, Psychology, Geography and English as subjects taught! No regrets, it was time for something new. Her fondest memories were when encouraging students to passionately follow their dreams.

Whether it was in her role as Music Coordinator, Founder of a program for Gifted and Talented Students or putting together a Rock Eisteddfod or School Production, the common thread was, “express who you are and what you love to the world.”

During her teaching career she completed her Graduate Diploma of Arts Management from the Victorian College of the Arts. Working with organizations such as Melbourne and Arena Theatre Companies gave her an insider’s view of the challenges faced by leaders of Arts and other Not For Profit and Service Companies. As a speaker and a coach she has worked with organizations such as

  • Karden Disability Support Foundation (KDSF)
  • Australian Multiple Birth Foundation (AMBA)
  • The Coaching Institute
  • Fernwood Fitness

Shiona has helped many people discover their highest purpose and find a career that they love. These include Health Professionals, Teachers, Coaches, Healers, Speakers and Managers. Possibly Shiona’s greatest achievements and greatest lessons have come from her family; husband Terry and daughters Ally (8) and Carah (5). When you have a family who love and support you, anything is possible.

Shiona has chosen to dedicate her life to helping women know and love who they are. To express their gifts purposefully in a career they love, with surety and grace.  It is these women who will lead humanity forward. It is these women who will help to change the world.

A personal note from Shiona

I closed the door on my teaching career with these words, “Thank you for being part of my teaching career which is now over.” My heart was just not in it any more. I knew that there was something else for me. It was time to focus on family and the birth of my first daughter Ally.

For a while that was enough. I loved being a mum, still do. In those quiet moments I knew something was missing. The little voice inside of me kept whispering and then shouting – “There is something you are here to do.” Lost, confused and feeling very alone, I spiraled into depression, something I still struggle to admit.

Finding the courage to seek help was the best thing I ever did. It began what has been the most incredible journey of my life. It sounds like a cliché, but it is true, I had to rediscover who I was and what I wanted.

When you read my biography, it could appear that success came easily. What you don’t see is how often my achievements were clouded by self- doubt. No matter how much I accomplished, it never felt like enough. I remember a significant conversation with my husband one night. I was reflecting on my life as a saxophonist, the instrument that was my major at University. I turned to him and said, “In all that time, I never once thought I was any good.”

That realization changed my life. In bed that that night, the movie of my performing life was replayed across my mind. I noticed all the times that I had not granted myself permission to be proud of my accomplishments. With tears in my eyes I felt how much of my soul was expressed as I performed. And I noticed how many times I said no to opportunities, when I wanted to say yes! I made a decision.From this moment, I will say yes.

It is not always easy. Sometimes I forget and worry about what people think of me. When we speak from our heart, we are at our most vulnerable. It is also our greatest strength. It is our vulnerability, as much as our achievements, that tell the story of who we really are. Deep down I know that I am here for a very important reason. I am here to connect women deeply to themselves, so they can express the ‘song’ in their heart. I laugh as I write this, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a music teacher. Little did I know!

Everything that has ever happened to me has been a gift, although I didn’t always see it at the time.  It has made me who I am today. For years I played the saxophone when I really wanted to sing. I denied myself joy, because I was afraid. There is no hiding anymore. Now I sing, with all the passion my heart has to give. I paint, I have adventures and I make a difference every single day. I know I am enough. I know I am loved.

My family is the centre of my world. They are my inspiration and my greatest support. For we cannot fly free unless we know there is somewhere beautiful to come home to. It is my wish that you find a career that speaks to your heart. May it nourish your spirit as it provides your dream lifestyle for your family!

In my soul, I long for you to know and love who you are, that you know your purpose and express it with all your heart. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, leader of the Suffragette movement, instrumental in gaining women the right to vote said these powerful words. “Mother Nature never repeats herself and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.”

You have a very important gift that you are here to give the world. It is a gift that only you can give. It is time for you learn the secrets your heart longs to tell you. It is time for you to give this gift to yourself, to your family and to humanity. We are waiting…