Supporting women who long to make their living doing what they love and self-doubt is holding them back.

You ache to express your unique voice in the world. The feeling is so intense it is impossible to ignore. Doubt clouds your vision, drowns the knowing voice within.
What if you can’t do it! What if they laugh at you when you try!  You long to make a difference in the world.  At the same time you fear the world will find out that you don’t have what it takes.
You are frustrated with yourself and your progress. Turning back is not an option. You have to move forward.
Imagine how it will feel to know and love who you are. Crystal clear of your purpose! See yourself expressing yourself with power and grace.  Feel that trust in your heart, knowing that your path is being revealed one beautiful step at a time. The inner peace and joy that you dream of so readily available.
Hi my, name is Shiona Long and this site is dedicated to women who know that they need more meaning and heart in their work.  That could be a career change, to start their own business or express more of themselves through their art.
I have helped hundreds of women to gain clarity of their purpose and take the steps to confidently express it in the world.

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    February 29, 2012 : : 1 comment

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  • When values collide at work

    February 29, 2012 : : 0 comments

    A friend of my recently attended a conference for the direct selling organisation that she is a part of of. An event she was really looking forward to. It was not at all what she expected. I wonder if you …

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